With its sandy beach, awarded the European "Blue Flag", this seaside village is close to the Neolithic settlement of Makrigialos.

This settlement dates back to 5,000 BC and is one of the largest to have been found in Europe.

The hilly nature of the area, with its fine views of the Thermaic Gulf, and the combination of sea and peaceful landscapes offer the visitor an idyllic environment.

Makrigialos is home to one of the most important mussel "farms" in Greece, producing the greatest quantity and highest quality of this delicacy to be found here.

Here you will find more attractive fish taverns bordering the sea offering traditional cooking with local specialities such as oysters and mussels. There is no shortage of Hotels and rooms to rent for the visitor.

Situated 22 kms from Katerini, the region's capital, Makrigialos is accessible from The National Motorway E75 (Junction: Nea Agathoupoli), the Old National Road from Thessaloniki to Katerini (Junction: Makrigialos) and from the recently completed coastal road which runs from Olympic Beach (Katerinoskala) to Nea Agathoupoli.


⇠ Thessaloniki 138km ⇠ Polygyros 76km

The rocky peninsula proves that Toroni has been inhabited continuously since Neolithic times. This was one of the most important cities in ancient Halkidiki, which was destroyed in the 6th century AD by raiding barbarians. Traces of a prehistoric settlement have also been found here. The beach of Toroni extends to over 2km in length.
• On the Lykithos headland stood the second acropolis of Toroni, and the remains of a Byzantine fort can still be seen, probably destroyed during the Ottoman occupation.
• The early Christian temple dedicated to Agios Athanassios (St Athanassios). It was built in the 5th century and is a three-nave basilica. A fire destroyed it in the 6th century and another temple was built on its foundations, which was also destroyed later. The mosaic of the middle nave is still preserved today.

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The Iron Age cemetery (11th century BC) where 134 tombs have been excavated and 500 fully preserved artefacts came to light.

Toroni Beach - Halkidiki - Greece
Toroni Beach - Halkidiki - Greece

Sikia - Kriaritsi: Splendid sandy beach in a beautiful landscape with a view over the islets Skepes, Ahinoi and Petalida. 

⇠ Thessaloniki 152km ⇠ Polygyros 90km

One of the oldest villages in Halkidiki, and formerly known as Logos, once belonged to the Megisti Lavra Monastery -according to Athonite documents. There are various explanations of how the village came to be called Sykia. The first explains the name as meaning the ‘shadow (skia) of Athos’; the second interprets it as a corruption of Singos, name of an ancient city in the vicinity, and the third claims there was once an ancient fig tree (sykias) in the center of the village. This is a traditional village, with narrow streets and quaint old houses. There are rooms to be rented in Sykia and the surrounding area, as well as camping sites and tavernas much prized for their local meat dishes.
• The old quarter of Sykia, where many neighborhoods remain as they were in the middle of the 19th century.
• The Church of Agios Athanasios, dating from 1819, which was twice burned down. Next to it you can admire the remains of the old school, built in 1870.
• On nearby Koukos Hill are the remains of a castle; excavations has shown that the area had been inhabited since the 11th century BC.
• The windmills on the long sandy beach of Sykia, built around the middle of the 19th century.
• The ruins of the church in Episkopi, a 20 minute walk south of Sykia.

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Swim at the amazing beaches of Kriaritsi and Kalamitsi.

Beach Sykia - Halkidiki - Greece
Beach Sykia - Halkidiki

A beautiful beach where sand, pebbles and deep blue sea come together in harmonious accord, holder of the European Blue Flag, this is the local beach for Litochoro. It is near to the mythical Mount Olympus and the Archaeological site and museum of Dion.

It offers visitors the chance of a relaxing holiday in excellent hotels, campsites and rooms to rent, with views both of the sea and Mount Olympus.

Fish taverns with their freshly caught fish are open for your pleasure from noon till night. Small craft can moor in the harbour and boat trips are available.

Gritsa is situated 16 kilometres from Katerini with easy access from the National Motorway (Junction Gritsa) and also by train. (Station: Litochoro).

Ormos Panagias

The beach of the homonymous settlement is sandy. There are restaurants, taverns and cafeterias.

⇠ Thessaloniki 107km ⇠ Polygyros 45km

The Byzantine church located here gave its name, Panagia, to the district. In the picturesque harbour of Ormos you will find tavernas, bars, cafes and a few rented rooms.
The Byzantine Temple dedicated to Virgin Mary, which was destroyed and rebuilt many times.

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Daily cruises start here for Mt. Athos

Beach Ormos Panagias - Halkidiki - Greece
Beach Ormos Panagias - Halkidiki

Sandy beach, in front of the homonymous settlement. It has bars, restaurants and facilities for water sports. Here begins the Toroneos cross-channel swimming contest.

⇠ Thessaloniki 86km ⇠ Polygyros 48km

The village probably took its name (‘fine view’) from the beautiful view enjoyed from the main square. Kallithea was founded after 1922 by refugees from Asia Minor. However, the coast area was the site of the famous sanctuary of Ammon Zeus and the sanctuary of Dionysos. Modern Kallithea is a magnet for young people and all those who enjoy a lively nightlife. The town is full of night clubs, bars and tavernas, as well as banks and shops selling folk art, jewelry and clothes. There are plenty of hotels and rooms to rent.
• The ruins of Ammon Zeus’s sanctuary, on the coast of Kallithea. Ammon Zeus, the greatest of the Olympian gods, was served by this temple which dates from the second half of the 4th century BC. The temple, 10×21 m., was of a Doric order and had 6 columns on the short sides and 11 on the long sides.
• The temple of Dionysos and Nymfes southeast of the temple of Ammon Zeus. A stone stairway has been excavated, carved into the rock, leading to a hollow in the rock. Under the stairway there is a cave with stalactites.
• The small Byzantine church of the 10th century above the cave of the Nymphs. The walls are preserved up to a height of about 1m.
• At the location of “Solinas” was discovered an early Christian basilica of exceptional interest, dating back from the 6th century. Apart from the impressive architecture, the archeologists found out that the church was built on an older building that seemed to be a place used for torturing.
• The chapel of St. Panteleimon, built in 1865.

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Watch the sunrise after a long night of fun and dancing

Kallithea Beach - Halkidiki - Greece
Kallithea Beach - Halkidiki

A beach of rare natural beauty on the slopes of Olympus, it is a happy combination of pebbles and sand. A summer resort with crystal blue sea and rich vegetation, it has regularly been awarded the European Blue Flag for cleanliness for many years. The supervised and safe beach is suitable for family holidays, and also for every type of visitor.

One of the most distinctive features of the region is the legendary Castle (11th century) which, during the summer months, is the venue for theatrical productions, concerts and other cultural displays under the auspices of the Olympus Festival.

Nearby lies the picturesque old village of Paleios Panteleimonas. Here you can find authentic original taverns and guest houses. Just above the village, near the church of Prophitis Ilias, is the jumping off point for those wishing to try their hand at paragliding.
Particularly during the summer months, there is an excellent infrastructure of tourist facilities, including hotels in all categories, economical small guest houses next to the sea, rooms to rent and many notable campsites to suit all tastes.
Restaurants, fish taverns, ouzeries, snack bars and other establishments offer the visitor a wide choice of dishes.

Cafe bars, refreshment bars, clubs and discos take care of your entertainment and help you forget your worries during your stay in our region.
In addition to the usual range of sea sports, it is possible for you to sample the delights of paragliding from the launching pad at Paleios Panteleimonas, descending to the beach of Panteleimonas.

Situated 33 kilometres from Katerini, and easily reached from the National Motorway E75 (Junction: Panteleimonas) and the railway (Station: Platamonas).


⇠ 距离塞萨洛尼基 107km ⇠ 距离 Polygyros(波利伊罗斯) 45km

是位于锡索尼亚东部的一处海边度假胜地,其中混杂分布有各种私人民居、酒店和出租屋。它也是塞萨洛尼基亚里士多德大学教授们喜爱的假日综合酒店。海湾周围零星散落有 90 多个小岛,其中为人熟知的最大的岛屿即是 Diaporos(贾波罗斯岛)。


• Kriftos 海湾(隐逸湾)极为有趣。此海湾隐藏在 Diaporos(贾波罗斯岛)北部地区,过去曾是海盗们的天堂。

• 对于潜水爱好者来说,Vourvourou 镇礁区令人难忘,这一处珊瑚礁位于海下 18-22 米,是希腊海洋世界中独一无二的存在。

• “长城”(Megas Tichos)是 Vourvourou 镇北部的一座小半岛,因至今留存于世的古长城而得名。

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在“Livari”湿地或者 Vourvourou 镇浅海湾地区享受垂钓的乐趣

Vourvourou Beach - Halkidiki - Greece
Vourvourou Beach - Halkidiki

Wide, sandy beach, in front of the homonymous village. It has restaurants, taverns, bars and facilities for water sports. Here is the finish line of the Toroneos cross-channel swimming contest.

⇠ Thessaloniki 98km ⇠ Polygyros 36km

The village is located close to the site of ancient Galipsos, which played an important role in the events of the Peloponnesian War. Most of the region formerly belonged to monasteries of Mt. Athos (Megisti Lavra, Xiropotamou, Xenofontos). From the traffic lights turn down towards the sea. The road along the waterfront is lined with tavernas and ouzo bars, cafes and rented rooms. The long beach unveils a series of picturesque mini-bays offering light blue waters and gold sand. From the upper part of the road there are signs to the traditional center of the town, with its stone houses (many of them now renovated), narrow streets, little square with a fountain, a plane-tree, a little taverna, a café and a couple of guesthouses. One of the area’s most important annual events is swimming across the Bay of Toroni.
• The old section of Nikiti, containing houses which were built from 1830 on; the church of St. Nikitas (1867) and the old school (19th century). The chimneys of the houses are particularly interesting.
• The cemetery church built in the 16th century, of which the central nave and some frescoes are preserved.
• The early Christian basilica of St. George, about 3km south of Nikiti, of the 5th century.
• The early Christian basilica dedicated to Agios Sophronios (St. Sophronios).
• The chapels dedicated to Agios Pavlos (Paul the Apostle), Agios Panteleimon (St. Panteleimon) and Agios Athanassios (St.Athanassios). The chapel of Agios Pavlos is built on the site of an older chapel with a monumental fountain of 1713. According to the tradition, when Agios Pavlos (Paul the Apostle) was here, he was thirsty. He hit the rock and water came out -water that flows constantly ever since.

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The crossing of Toroneos Gulf on the last Sunday of July. The swimmers, who come from all over the world for the event, start in the morning from Kallithea in Kassandra and finish in the afternoon at the beach of Nikiti. Their finish is celebrated with a big public feast.

Nikiti Beach - Halkidiki - Greece
Nikiti Beach - Halkidiki

Vina: Beautiful sandy beach, next to the peninsula Liotopi, after Stratoni. 

⇠ Thessaloniki 111km ⇠ Polygyros 63km

Stratoni, a coastal village built in the gulf
of Ierissos, numbers today approximately 1000 residents. In this region, ruins of the Roman Period have been found. The foundation of Stratoni as a constituted settlement dates back to the mid 19th century but has always had an unbreakable tie with the mining activity.
In 1932 the village was extensively damaged by an earthquake. In the following years, the village was almost entirely rebuilt from the start.
An ancient war memorial, which was found in the region (1st century b.c.) presenting impressive statues, tomb, vessels, e.t.c, indicates the position were the city Stratonikia flourished. From this, two statues clearly stand out, a man’s and a woman’s (the woman has been named “Lady of Stratoni”), which can be admired in the Museum of Polygyros.

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The cultural events that the residence of Stratoniki organize, such as: Carnival festival, St Varvara’s feast which lasts 5 days (in beginning of December)

Beach Stratoni - Halkidiki - Greece
Beach Stratoni - Halkidiki

Perhaps the most beautiful beach of Sithonia. White, thin sand, turquoise waters. Small and quiet beach.

Beach Karydi - Halkidiki - Greece
Beach Karydi - Halkidiki

Enormous, sandy beach, in front of the homonymous village. It has restaurants, taverns, bars and cafeterias.

⇠ Thessaloniki 141km ⇠ Polygyros 79km

This is a town built by refugees from Afissia, an island in the Sea of Marmara, in Asia Minor. The land was part of a dependency that belonged, in the 14th century, to the Xeropotamou Monastery on Mt. Athos. The ancient city of Sarti occupied the site, and gave the modern village its name. In the summer months Sarti is a vibrant tourist town, with hotels, rented rooms, tavernas, souvlaki shops, cafes, bars, clubs, ouzo bars, folk art shops, wine shops, supermarkets, travel agencies, car hire agencies, etc.
• The “parade of monuments” (sculptures and paintings) of the folklore artist Zaphiris at a local cafeteria.
• The “metochi” of the monastery of Xiropotamou, 500 m. west of the village. Its small church was built in 1867.

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The beach “Kavourotrypes”, with the amazing rocky shapes and the turquoise coloured sea.

Beach Sarti - Halkidiki - Greece
Beach Sarti - Halkidiki

A sandy beach stretching for several kilometres, clean sand and shallow sea, Olympic Beach has been regularly awarded the European Blue Flag for many years, and attracts a large number of tourists every summer.

There is a wide range of accommodation for you to choose for your stay, including Hotels, rooms to rent and bungalows and a campsite. A great array of restaurants and taverns of every type are waiting to cater for your tastes with both local and international cuisine.

Olympic Beach marks the central point of the County of Pieria and belongs to the Municipality of Katerini.

The beaches of Paralia and Olympic Beach are one continuous stretch of golden sand, the two communities being linked by a well lit avenue with a bicycle track running alongside and a path for pedestrians wishing to take either a morning or evening stroll.

Situated just 8 kms from Katerini, it is easily reached from The National Motorway E75 (Junctions: Katerini or Korinos) and from the recently completed coastal road from Nea Agathoupoli to Olympic Beach (Katerinoskala). It is also served by the railway from Salonika to Athens (Station: Katerini).


Small beach, with pine-trees and sand, in front of the homonymous settlement. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of central Halkidiki with thin sand, idyllic creeks, dense pine-trees (that extend up to where the waves break) and amazing sunsets.

⇠ Thessaloniki 92km ⇠ Polygyros 30km

Carry on another 9km along the main road, a pleasant drive through pine-trees, and you come to Metamorfosi, another community founded by refugees from Asia Minor.
Today, it is a fully developed tourist resort, which extends to some of the most beautiful beaches of Halkidiki with smooth sand, idyllic little bays, thick pine-trees reaching to the coast and magnificent sunsets.
The Monastery of Saint John the Baptist located 2km to the north.

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The traditional festival on August 6th in the church of Agios Pavlos.

Metamorfosi Beach - Halkidiki - Greece
Metamorfosi Beach - Halkidiki

This is a well organised, sandy beach, located in front of the homonymous settlement. It offers a great variety of restaurants and bars as well as facilities for all kinds of water sports. 

⇠ Thessaloniki 102km ⇠ Polygyros 65km

The village probably owes its name to the god Poseidon. Nearby is the headland on the western side of the peninsula which was known in ancient times as Poseidonio; the whole area belonged to ancient Mendi. There are hotels, rented rooms, beach bars, little tavernas and ouzo bars.
• The ruins of the ancient sanctuary dedicated to God Poseidon.
• The lighthouse of Possidi cape, built in 1864.
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Take some photos by the lighthouse, the only building at the edge of the Possidi cape while waiting for the dolphins to show up in the sea!


Possidi Beach - Halkidiki - Greece
Possidi Beach - Halkidiki