The Gold of Macedon

Excellent craftsmen paying attention to detail and with  a fine sense of taste, ancient Macedonians knew the secrets of the goldsmith’s craft like few others in Europe.
The precious metal came alive in their hands and they honoured their kings with it, sealed the vows of life with it and used it as a symbol of power and their social status. Gold from the land of Macedon funded the army of King Philip and Alexander the Great and enabled them to conquer the whole of the then known world. Macedonians borrowed ideas from Persian craftsmen and developed their craft.
Elaborate gold heirlooms and jewellery from the Kingdom of Macedon are on display at the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, the New Archaeological Museum at Pella and the Royal Tombs of Vergina.

Archaeological Museum of Vergina, Royal Tombs - Greece
Archaeological Museum of Vergina, Royal Tombs