The Monastery Philotheou

⇠ Karyes 12km (2 and 30’ hours)

The Monastery Philotheou is built on the location of an ancient Asclipiion, in a picturesque plain in the eastern part of Athos, nearly one hour away from the harbour (arsanas).
The monastery was founded probably by a monk called Philotheos in the 10th century. It is dedicated to the Evangelism of Virgin Mary and celebrates on the 25th of March / 7th of April.
The monastery was financially supported by the Emperors Andronikos II, Andronikos III and Ioannis Paleologos VI. In this monastery, Agios Kosmas the “Etolos” also stayed.

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The Monastery Philotheou - Holy Mountain - Greece
The Monastery Philotheou - Holy Mountain