The Monastery Xiropotamou

⇠ Karyes 10km (2 hours)

The Monastery Xiropotamou is built in a small plain, in the middle of the southwestern side of Athos, in a beautiful area close to Daphni.
Founders of the monastery are the Empress Poulheria (450-457) and the Emperors Romanos Lekapinos and Konstantinos Porphyrogennitos VI. The monastery Xiropotamou is the second oldest after Megisti Lavra; it was founded in the 10th century, it is dedicated to the Agii Tessarakonta Martyres (Fourty Martyrs) and celebrates on the 9th /22nd of March.
The first abbot, Pavlos, was probably the son of the Emperor Mikhail I.
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The Monastery Xiropotamou - Holy Mountain - Greece
The Monastery Xiropotamou - Holy Mountain