The Monastery Zographou

⇠ Karyes 18km (3 and 30’ hours)

The Monastery Zographou is the northern part of the ten monasteries of the western side of Athos peninsula. It is a wooded area, nearly one hour walk from the sea.
The monastery was founded in the 10th century, in the reign of Leontas Sophos VII. According to tradition, three siblings from Ahrida, in their attempt to dedicate the church to someone, they left a board in the “catholicon” and returned to their cells to pray. When they came back, a miracle had happened. The face of Agios Georgios stood on the board. So, the monastery was dedicated to Agios Georgios, the “Zographos” (Painter) and celebrates on the 23rd of April / 6th of May. Although the “catholicon” of the church was built in 1801, its wall paintings were done in 1817. The wooden iconostasis is exceptional.
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The Monastery Zographou - Holy Mountain - Greece
The Monastery Zographou - Holy Mountain