Wide, sandy beach, in front of the homonymous village. It has restaurants, taverns, bars and facilities for water sports. Here is the finish line of the Toroneos cross-channel swimming contest.

⇠ Thessaloniki 98km ⇠ Polygyros 36km

The village is located close to the site of ancient Galipsos, which played an important role in the events of the Peloponnesian War. Most of the region formerly belonged to monasteries of Mt. Athos (Megisti Lavra, Xiropotamou, Xenofontos). From the traffic lights turn down towards the sea. The road along the waterfront is lined with tavernas and ouzo bars, cafes and rented rooms. The long beach unveils a series of picturesque mini-bays offering light blue waters and gold sand. From the upper part of the road there are signs to the traditional center of the town, with its stone houses (many of them now renovated), narrow streets, little square with a fountain, a plane-tree, a little taverna, a café and a couple of guesthouses. One of the area’s most important annual events is swimming across the Bay of Toroni.
• The old section of Nikiti, containing houses which were built from 1830 on; the church of St. Nikitas (1867) and the old school (19th century). The chimneys of the houses are particularly interesting.
• The cemetery church built in the 16th century, of which the central nave and some frescoes are preserved.
• The early Christian basilica of St. George, about 3km south of Nikiti, of the 5th century.
• The early Christian basilica dedicated to Agios Sophronios (St. Sophronios).
• The chapels dedicated to Agios Pavlos (Paul the Apostle), Agios Panteleimon (St. Panteleimon) and Agios Athanassios (St.Athanassios). The chapel of Agios Pavlos is built on the site of an older chapel with a monumental fountain of 1713. According to the tradition, when Agios Pavlos (Paul the Apostle) was here, he was thirsty. He hit the rock and water came out -water that flows constantly ever since.

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The crossing of Toroneos Gulf on the last Sunday of July. The swimmers, who come from all over the world for the event, start in the morning from Kallithea in Kassandra and finish in the afternoon at the beach of Nikiti. Their finish is celebrated with a big public feast.

Nikiti Beach - Halkidiki - Greece
Nikiti Beach - Halkidiki