Another beautiful beach with rich golden sand, also holding the European "Blue Flag", this is a mere stones throw from Ancient Pydna. Only a short walk away is a unique historic monument, the ruins of the castle of the Byzantine Bishop of Pydna.

These are the only visible remains of Byzantine Pydna, which in the 6th and 7th century was called Kitros, and is now the spiritual home of the Bishopric of Kitros Louloudies.

Near the Beach of Pydna lies "Koutsouro", a quiet and isolated beach.
There are Hotels and Rooms to Rent near the beach in both Alikes Kitros and the village of Makrigialos.
In the fish taverns and Ouzeries* of the region you can taste the local specialities

Situated 21 kms from Katerini, the region's capital, Makrigialos is accessible from The National Motorway E75 (Junctions: Korinos or Nea Agathoupoli), the Old National Road from Thessaloniki to Katerini (Junction: Alikes Kitros or Makrigialos) and from the recently completed coastal road which runs from Olympic Beach (Katerinoskala) to Nea Agathoupoli.

*An Ouzerie is typically a small restaurant or bar serving Ouzo, which is usually accompanied by "Mezedes", snacks of fish, taramasalata, eggs, olives and so on.