"There wasn’t just my first trip to Greece, but my first travel abroad by plane! Before the trip, I’ve tried to learn some Greek phrases, but I’ve noticed the Greeks call their homeland “Hellas” and they call themselves “Hellenes”. I think that sounds much prettier, so, I’ve decided for myself to name the country how they do.Therefore, these are my first impressions of Hellas. It’s very warm. Not only by its climate, but its people. The Hellenes are always ready to help you, despite your poor English.

The Hellas looks like an ever-blooming garden. There are a lot of flowers of oleandr, magnolias, mimosas, roses, pomegranates and myrtle trees. It’s a beautiful garden with branches hanging lemons and bitter oranges. And there are a lot of olive trees on the streets – I was immediately looking forward to buy just one of them as a souvenir.


The history of Thessaloniki has more than two thousands years. This fact explains the large number of ancient monuments here. You can see one of the oldest churches in the world – The Rotunda. But, unfortunately, many churches in Thessaloniki are open until 15:00. Anyway, I was able to go inside the Basilica of St. Demetrius. It is a pity that a guide was speaking Greek, but not Russian there.


When I came to the church, I saw an image of Saints Cyril and Methodius. In Russia every student knows their names from the first grade. I was sad, I didn’t see any place associated with the famous "Brothers of Thessalonica." Because I really wanted to rub their bronze Cyrillic alphabet just to write better my essays at school then! I hope the toe of Aristotle might also help me. 


The most famous landmark of Thessaloniki is the White Tower. However, I was a bit frightened standing next to the Tower, I know its "bloody past." It is strange the tower became a symbol of the city, but I guess I just don’t like any war and violence.


My dream has come true – I have been to the homeland of Hellenes, I have seen many interesting things, and I have met great people! Now, in my home, I have a small olive tree ("eliá " in Hellenic) as a memory of the far and warm Hellas..."


Julia Lebedeva

"The Region of Central Macedonia is one of the most beautiful region in Europe, with unique charm and wonderful natural beauty.
We don’t want to compare one by one places and areas what we visit, during this trip because, simply it is impossible. All places and all areas were excellent and very unique.
People will need as more as soon new way and new destinations. Because of that, Region of Central Macedonia will be visited more and more by the new way of tourist. Region of Central Macedonia will be visit by the people what will need quite and unique places.
Thank you very much for the unrepeatable experience."


Best regards,
Dusko Popovski

"The experience during visit to the beautiful region 'was fantastic.
I did discover an area of Greece unknown to me, and it 'was a love at first sight!
Ι got to know a fantasy world where natural beauty and wealth of archeoligi and mythological sites are a perfect combination for an unforgettable vacation."

Best regards
Osvaldo MUFFO

"Good morning, 

It is a pleasure for me to write a few words regarding the very nice trip I had, in October 2013, in Central Macedonia, at your Department invitation. It was a memorable experience and my testimonial is just the reflection of this fact."


Best regards,

Eduard Ivascu
Deputy Editor in Chief
‘PUTEREA’ Daily Newspaper

“I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful region of Central Macedonia in October 2013, and I must say it was an amazing experience. The tremendous beauty of the natural setting and the historical richness of the places we visited made for an unforgettable experience. From the Mount Olympus to the beautiful beaches of Pieria, and from the vibrant city of Thessaloniki to the ancient places, like the Royal Tombs of Vergina, i must say it was a thrilling journey for me. And when you add the lovely accommodation and the wonderful food, I must say the choice for my next holiday is simple: I will visit again the Region of Central Macedonia, because I still have so many places to visit and so many things to experience!”

Eduard Ivascu, journalist, Romania

In Macedonia troverete una natura intacontaminata, avrete il piacere di sentirvi viaggiatori e non turisti,di assaggiare una cucina genuina,musei e archeologia non finiranno di stupirvi, anche sport d'azione o semplice relax circondati dalla storia e dalla natura.

"Un carissimo saluto ad una regione del mondo che ammiro moltissimo, anche per il carattere dei suoi abitanti, quale è la Macedonia".


Grazie Seregni