Blue, green and gold

Blue, green and gold
Blue, green and gold

From the busy beaches of Cassandra, cocktail glass in hand and all night parties, to the hidden coves of Sithonia discovered by inflatable boat and long walks along the sandy shore.

From the luxury and finesse of five-star hotels to camping tents and sleeping under the stars. Come and taste fresh fish from the Aegean accompanied by ouzo and seafood dishes, come and swim in the unpolluted waters of Halkidiki.
Enjoy a combination of sun and sea with music festivals or shopping rounds or catch up with the thread of local history with day-trips around the land of Macedon.

Dream-like Halkidiki
  • Dream-like Halkidiki - Greece
    Dream-like Halkidiki

Refresh yourselves with a dive into the blue-green waters while the yacht docks at one of the two marinas of Halkidiki, and indulge yourselves at the spas or gourmet restaurants. Book your stay at luxury suites and villas that have hosted legendary stars and world leaders. Try your hand at the golf courses and participate in the international games organised annually. The local casino is reminiscent of the atmosphere of New Orleans; come and try your luck at the roulette and blackjack tables.
Dance at the beach bars and the private beaches and continue clubbing and enjoying the nightlife of Halkidiki.

Αt organised beaches, you can enjoy impeccable service, water skiing, wakeboarding, parasailing or go scuba diving and explore the wonderful sea floor of Halkidiki. Try gilt-head sea breams, grilled octopus, calamari and seafood served at local restaurants accompanied by a glass of ouzo or tsipouro.

Look out for couleur locale at the villages and coastal hamlets and ask the locals to point you towards the sandy beaches hidden from indiscreet eyes behind rocks or footpaths.

Take a boat and discover remote coves of the peninsula and dive at Kavourotrypes [crab holes] and the tiny island of Ammouliani. Explore Halkidiki camping sites with your tent and a good mood or get to know hundreds of routes on a mountain bike.

Summer festivals in Halkidiki offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy Greek and international musicians, drama performances, film shows and photography exhibitions, while there are rock and reggae parties at various camping sites with numerous happenings.

The Gold of Macedon
  • Central Macedonia - The Gold of Macedon
    Central Macedonia - The Gold of Macedon

Excellent craftsmen paying attention to detail and with a fine sense of taste, ancient Macedonians knew the secrets of the goldsmith’s craft like few others in Europe.
The precious metal came alive in their hands and they honoured their kings with it, sealed the vows of life with it and used it as a symbol of power and their social status. Gold from the land of Macedon funded the army of King Philip and Alexander the Great and enabled them to conquer the whole of the then known world. Macedonians borrowed ideas from Persian craftsmen and developed their craft.
Elaborate gold heirlooms and jewellery from the Kingdom of Macedon are on display at the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, the New Archaeological Museum at Pella and the Royal Tombs of Vergina.

  • Mount Athos (Holy Mountain) - Greece
    Mount Athos (Holy Mountain)


如果想要在修道院建筑以及拜占庭图腾处徘徊,则需要签发特殊的许可证。您的朝圣之旅可以包括Vatopedi 修道院的圣带 (Agia Zoni)、Iviron 修道院的 Panagia Portaitissa 大教堂(圣母像)、卡里埃的 Axion Esti [值得朝拜圣母玛丽亚]标志以及 Xeropotamou 修道院的最大圣十字架。

俄语修道院 St. Panteleimon 的白色主体蓝色圆顶建筑格外地引人注目,还有壮观的塞尔维亚语修道院 Chilandariou (供奉着神圣遗宝圣路加头像),保加利亚语修道院 Zographou、Megisti Lavra 修道院的圣·乔治罗马尼亚隐士。在卡里埃的普罗塔顿教堂,游客可以看到阿索斯山的原始 Typicon,即圣山社区成立法案文件,该文件由马其顿皇室 Ioannis Tsimiskis 亲署,后者即为 10 世纪拜占庭帝国的国王。

At the Foot of Mt. Olympus
  • Central Macedonia - At the Foot of Mt. Olympus
    Central Macedonia - At the Foot of Mt. Olympus

The beaches of nearby Pieria are sandy or pebbly and offer themselves for sunbathing or sitting in the shade under the pine trees by the crystal Aegean waters. Don’t miss the sandy beaches below the Venetian Castle of Platamon, where you can enjoy the wonderfully clean sea and the excellent food at local taverns. Towering above are the imposing summits of Mt. Olympus, the mountain of the ancient gods, which you can conquer with an organised climb and stay at one of the mountain shelters.

Thessaloniki City Break
  • Central Macedonia - Thessaloniki City Break
    Central Macedonia - Thessaloniki City Break

At the commercial centre of cosmopolitan Thessaloniki, one can find all international brand names and Greek haute couture boutiques. Elaborate gold jewellery is displayed in the windows of local jewellery shops, reflecting a craft that has been alive without interruption for thousands of years in Macedonia. Also, one can find excellent prices for furs and leather goods all year round. Get to know the Museums of the city, which cover the full range of history and art, and enjoy a stroll in the new city parks on the seafront promenade or the lanes of the old town.
If the heat becomes unbearable, go for a dive at the nearby beaches around Thermaikos Gulf, which have all been awarded blue flags for their crystal clear waters. Don’t forget to try the tasty dishes offered at local fish taverns.

Wind Surfing at Lake Volvi
  • Central Macedonia - Wind Surfing at Lake Volvi
    Central Macedonia - Wind Surfing at Lake Volvi

The wind blowing at Rentina Straits create the right kind of waves on Lake Volvi for aspiring wind-surfers who gather from the whole of Greece. You can hire a board or take wind-surfing lessons and – why not – participate in the international competition held every summer. It is also worth visiting the Gulf of the Strymon River and its local hamlets, well-known for their hospitality and excellent cuisine.