3-5 Pigadia ski resort - Naoussa

The absolute adventure in an absolutely white setting 3-5 Pigadia (meaning wells) ski resort, the only one using snowmaking in all of its ski runs, is considered to be one of the best organised ski resorts in Greece, boasting modern, up to date facilities. You will find yourself in a lovely natural environment and in the top two most difficult ski runs in the country – a unique combination in Greece – and a tempting one for skiers and other visitors alike!
On the west side of Mt. Vermio, only 17 km away from the city of Naoussa in Northern Greece, at an elevation ranging from 1,430 to 2,005 m. lies 3-5 Pigadia ski centre, a pole of attraction for adrenalin junkies or simply visitors who wish to admire the breathtaking nature.

The ski centre has 10 ski runs of 9 km in length, accommodating all skiing levels, one aerial lift and six surface lifts. “Aristoteles” and “Filippos” ski runs lie surrounded by a spellbinding beech forest and are the two most difficult and steep runs in all of Greece, making this a tempting place well known to advanced skiers.
If you find yourself here, don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit the city of Naoussa, and stroll through Alonia and Metamorfosi, two traditional quarters where you will pass by several grand mansions of an exceptional architecture. “Saranta Outades” is an amazing cave with lovely stalactite and stalagmite formations, also worth your visit. At half an hour’s distance from the city you can visit Vergina, one of the greatest archaeological sites in Greece.

3-5 Pigadia ski resort - Greece
3-5 Pigadia ski resort
Serres racing circuit

Serres Racing Circuit is the only racetrack in Greece and Balcans. It fully meets the design specifications of the International Motorcycle Federation ( FIM ) and it is able to conduct races up to Formula 3 category.

Serres Racing Circuit is located in the south-west Serres between the Omonoia Athletic Park covering 1000 acres. The track was made in 1998.
It was constructed according to the technical specifications of safety standards up to the level of Formula 3. It is the largest circuit in Balcans having 3.186 m length and 12-15 m width.

Serres racing circuit - Greece
Serres racing circuit
Kaimaktsalan ski resort

Kaimáktsalan ski resort occupies the northeastern slope of Mt. Voras, from an altitude of 2,480m, where the highest lift carries the skiers, down to 2,050m, where the luxury chalet is located.
The view from the mountain is amazing, since you can see as far as Thermaikos Gulf, the peak of Mt. Olympos, and lake Vegoritida. The ski centre is equipped with 6 ski lifts and 13 ski runs, 15 km in total length (4 red, 4 blue, 3 beginners and 2 langlauf slopes), and 4 ski trails of 3,250m in length. The snowboard fun park invites snowboarders, free skiers and connoisseurs of the snowboard scene, whereas in the snow tubing park everyone can just have fun!


A three-storey chalet is built at an altitude of 2,050m. It offers central heating, a 46-bed hotel, a restaurant-bar, where traditional dishes are served, a fast food restaurant, a café-bar with a fireplace, a store with traditional local products, a store that rents and also sells ski and snowboard equipment, a ski school with expert trainers, a tourist information kiosk, an infirmary, and parking areas.
After a long ski day, you can relax at the chalet's lounge. Its large windows give breathtaking views of the surrounded mountainscape. You can chose to spend the night at a luxury suite, or in the homy atmosphere of a beautifully restored guest house at the old village of Agios Athanassios (also known as the “Stone Village").
Just like Aráhova on Mt. Parnassos, Kaimáktsalan is also known as the “Mykonos of the winter”. Every year more and more visitors, either experienced skiers or mountain sports fans, come to enjoy the fresh snow, and all the activities on offer.
Welcome the opportunity to explore the surrounding area.
Within a short distance from the resort lies ancient Pella, the glorious capital of the Macedonian kingdom, with its impressive archaeological site, and its very interesting museum. The historic Archangelos Monastery, and the beautiful city of Edessa with its widely known waterfalls are also must-see spots.
The famous thermal springs of Loutraki are located at the foot of Mount Voras. The spa resort is situated in a magnificent location with wild vegetation and natural waterfalls. Very close to the Kaimaktsalan ski resort, lies lake Vegoritida, the second in size lake in Greece, a place of refuge to rare bird and fish species.

Kaimaktsalan ski resort - Pella - Greece
Kaimaktsalan ski resort
Ski Center Elatohori

The Ski Center Elatohori is found on the northeast side of Pieria Mountains, to "Papa Land", at an altitude of 1450m. Situated in a prime location with stunning views of Mount Olympus and Aliakmona. It is just 8 km from the picturesque village of Pine, 36 km from Katerini, 474 km from Athens and 105km from Thessaloniki and 120km from Larisa.

Although it is a relatively new ski resort, has become popular with winter sports enthusiasts, who flock to the slopes. Reflecting both the robust infrastructure of the center and the beautiful nature that surrounds it.

Its facilities include a ski resort with 10 slopes of varying elevation and with different levels of difficulty to satisfy both the experienced and discerning skiers and beginners who protodokimazoun their potential in the most popular winter sports. Also operates a cross a snowboard and toboggan. The total length have the runs and the network of snow corridors connecting them together, exceed 12,000 m

At the base of the ski center includes a new two-storey chalet is distinguished for its modern aesthetic, which blends with the environment. Also, there are shops selling and renting ski equipment and clothing and ski school.

It is worth mentioning that the ski center is a fully equipped medical first aid with a permanent doctor on a daily basis.

The picturesque mountain village of Elatochori has cafes, hotel and rooms to let.

Information can be had from the head office of the company in Elatochori: TEL 23510 - 82994, FAX 23510 - 82993.