At the heart of Macedonia visitors can find all the best Greece and the Mediterranean have to offer in one location.

From the Mount of the ancient Greek gods to the Garden of the Virgin Mary, Nature is enthralling; Every nook and corner echoes the history of the land - Everything is within easy reach, friendly and authentic, full of human warmth



From the busy beaches of Cassandra, cocktail glass in hand and all night parties, to the hidden coves of Sithonia discovered by inflatable boat and long walks along the sandy shore. From the luxury and finesse of fivestar hotels to camping tents and sleeping under the stars. Come and taste fresh fish from the Aegean accompanied by ouzo and seafood dishes, come and swim in the unpolluted waters of Halkidiki. Enjoy a combination of sun and sea with music festivals or shopping rounds or catch up with the thread of local history with day-trips around the land of Macedon.


Come to Central Macedonia and tour the four national parks, visit the gorges and caves, go fresh water fishing in the rivers and lakes and enjoy the energy and scents of Greek nature.


Light a candle, before the heavy gates of the monastery shut behind you. Let your eyes feast on the deep blue sea surrounding Mt. Athos, the Holy Mountain.

Follow St. Paul's footsteps around Thessaloniki, the city with the most important Byzantine churches. In Veroia you can see St. Paul's Tribune [Bema], where he preached to the Nations, and in the small village of Kastania, the Icon of Panagia Soumela [Madonna at Melas' place], the famous heirloom that refugees from Pontos [the Black Sea] brought with them. At Paeonia, Serres and Pella traditions of worship merge with nature -- even at remote mountain tops one can hear the echo of the dialogue between God and man.


In the heart of Central Macedonia, flanked by Mt. Olympus, the mountain of the ancient gods, and the wonderful beaches of Chalkidiki, Thessaloniki is living through the 24th century of its history, as colourful as the cultures that shaped it into what it is: a city of flavours and music of all sorts, a human and hospitable harbour. 

It is a city visitors can discover by walking through it -- from the Film Festival screenings at the old Port premises, to its Byzantine walls and the old town churches all the way down to the statue of Alexander the Great by the sea.


Present a speech that might be a turning point in your academic career or conclude a deal that will strengthen your business at one of the modern congress centres of Central Macedonia.

Easily accessible and fully furnished and equipped, congress infrastructure in the area can host thousands of participants, or small motivational meetings of a select few.

And since one should combine business with pleasure, every conference experience is accompanied by a range of choices for relaxation and fun. Start booking and preparing deals now!


The awe felt with the view from the highest summit in Greece explains why ancient Greeks considered Mt. Olympus the Throne of Zeus and Hera, Hermes and Aphrodite, Artemis and the other gods. 

Thousands of years later, with those deities lost in the distant past, climbing Mt. Olympus or other mountains in Central Macedonia is still a unique experience. 

Try paragliding, skiing down the snow-covered slopes, trek along the footpaths, drink an aromatic herbal tea from local plants at the beautiful villages, enjoy the Mediterranean way of life - people here commune with nature, and enjoy the mountains and the sea whatever the season of the year.


In the heart of Macedonia you can find a hospitable, green land bathing in sunlight.

You can taste excellent Greek wines and Mediterranean cuisine dishes. You can rest your body and mind and listen to stories about ancient and more recent civilisations. Aristotle the philosopher was born here and one of his famous maxims is about people living together: "Although the polis comes into being for the sake of living, it exists for the sake of living well". We are inviting you to enjoy living well, appreciate the good life during of your holidays here.