Sensitive habitats

The two longest rivers of Greece, the Aliacmon and the Axios, along with the smaller Loudias form their delta, one of the most significant national parks and ecosystems of the country, lying a few kilometres from the city of Thessaloniki. In the springtime the endless rice fields are filled with water and seeds and you can see and photograph heron and flamingo colonies, where the rare winged visitors spend the winter in the hospitable delta habitat. From the bird-watching spot of Nea Agathoupolis visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the lagoon and watch the bird fauna of the district through the telescopic binoculars. Wander around the Kitros salt planes and the riparian forest of the Axios River; you might have the good fortune of spotting some of the wild horses still living in the area.

Sensitive habitats - Central Macedonia - Greece
Sensitive habitats - Central Macedonia